Reasons to Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned this Fall

Air DuctAs the seasons change, fall is a time when your home’s HVAC system should be examined and cleaned. At this point of the year, cooler weather begins. Before the winter chill takes control, it is advised to get help from an experienced heating and cooling company. The team at Mitchell’s Magic One Hour is ready to perform routine maintenance, including air duct cleaning. Paying attention to your home’s ductwork brings a number of benefits that will last all year long.

Prevents Asthma Attacks

Many studies have been performed concerning a home‘s HVAC system. Results have shown that poor air quality can cause negative health effects, including asthma attacks. In fact, running the heat or air conditioning in a house with dirty ductwork can lead to coughing or wheezing. People who battle asthma often experience episodes of insomnia, fatigue, and infections as well. Selecting a professional to perform maintenance tasks like air duct cleaning may lower the chances of developing asthma or suffering from its symptoms.

Refresh an Old Home

Although many homeowners recognize the importance of maintaining an HVAC system, not many individuals realize the importance of cleaning air ducts. Older homes tend to become neglected, which means that clogs may occur. A smart way to infuse better indoor air quality throughout a home is to perform professional maintenance.

Get Rid of Unwanted Pests and Rodents

During fall’s onset, it is not uncommon for pests to begin looking for food and warmth. In many instances, pests enter a home’s air ducts through small rips or gaps in vents. Rats and mice use their sharp teeth to chew holes into ductwork as well. If you notice droppings around your home, hear scratching sounds, or smell stale odors, you likely have some type of infestation. Besides contacting an exterminator, it is wise to consult with a trained HVAC professional. When pests are removed from your system, your house will be safer and healthier.

Eliminate Mold

When your home is moist and warm, it is the perfect condition for mold to develop. This is often the case in air ducts. Poor ventilation or anything that traps moisture in a home’s walls can lead to condensation and mold growth.

Mold can bring extreme health problems, including nasal issues, skin itchiness, breathing difficulties, and headaches. Also, it may cause fatigue, nausea, or diarrhea. An experienced heating and cooling professional will be able to detect mold problems and will clean your ducts so that they circulate healthy air.

Keep Your Home Cleaner for Longer

Everyone wants a clean home. Nobody enjoys dusting. If you clean your house and see dust returning the next day, it may be wise to consider cleaning your ductwork during the fall. The air within your ducts recirculates, which means that it becomes redeposited on your floor and furniture. In other words, dirty ducts blow debris around your home. When air ducts are cleaned, this cycle is avoided. In this manner, your house will remain cleaner for longer periods of time.

Extra Cleaning After a Recent Remodel

If you have recently completed a remodeling project during the summer, fall is a smart time to perform ductwork cleaning. Rennovation usually stirs up dust from wood and drywall. Many times, these particles become trapped within your ductwork. Besides being dangerous to your lungs, these items will keep making a mess around your house as they blow back and forth. A professional cleaning will eliminate this problem.

Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

No one wants to live in a home with ugly odors. A number of things may cause bad smells in your A/C system. Bacteria, fungus, or dead pests can cause these disgusting aromas. When ductwork is properly cleaned, your nose will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in your house this fall.

Alleviate Unexplained Illnesses

Although fall is a time when colds and viruses circulate, it is not right to be getting sick for no reason. It may be wise to have your air conditioning vents and ducts cleaned. Mold, bacteria, and pollen can accumulate throughout the year. This may be the hidden reason behind your allergy symptoms or mysterious illnesses. The inexpensive maintenance task of air duct cleaning can save you money on medical bills.

Reverse Effects of a Smoker in the House

When there is a smoker in your home, there is no easy way to mask the smell. However, there are other dangerous things that accumulate in your ductwork. As a result, your house’s indoor air quality becomes lowered. For instance, tar and ash may be circulating. Besides cigarettes, forest fires may cause similar debris to float in the air. If you live in a wooded area, this may be a problem.

When these substances become trapped in your A/C system, you will notice that it becomes more difficult to breathe. When air ducts are properly cleaned, the air is freshened, which lowers respiratory problems.

Lowering HVAC Costs During Winter

Studies prove that the largest source of energy consumption in a house is its HVAC unit. Thanks to the current economy, heating your home is likely getting more and more expensive. Luckily, there are ways to reduce your utility bills. In fact, proper maintenance makes it possible to lower your heating costs by at least 25 percent. This includes duct cleaning. When your system is clean, it does not need to work as hard to maintain a desired temperature. Therefore, less energy is consumed. Efficiency is restored, which keeps you comfortable without the need to spend unnecessary money.

Complement a New Furnace

Generally, autumn is the time when homeowners check their heating and cooling units so that everything is ready for winter. Many times, old furnaces are replaced with new models. When this occurs, it is wise to have air ducts professionally cleaned as well. This raises efficiency and prevents clogs and blockages.

Eliminates Pet Fur Problems

It is common for a household to have at least one pet. However, cats and dogs have fur that often sheds and becomes trapped inside of a home’s ductwork. When this circulates, it may cause residents to suffer with intense allergic reactions. Also, the dander and fur can block the filter in a ventilation system. To avoid this issue, it is best to have ducts cleaned.

Selecting the Best Duct Cleaning Service

In Ohio, there are a number of companies that offer duct cleaning services. It is important to compare references and to uncover a few facts before choosing a team of professionals to care for your heating and cooling system.

  • Never hire a company that makes claims to be certified by the EPA. No such endorsements exist.
  • Compare reviews from previous customers. It is best to choose a company that has positive comments for HVAC maintenance.
  • Interview candidates so that you uncover a team that has experience with the particular system in your home. Also, you should preview procedures that will be used to protect your family and pets from contamination.
  • Work with a provider that is licensed and insured. This gives you peace of mind that you are hiring properly trained individuals so that your home is protected from damage.
  • Compare prices by asking for estimates.

Expectations from an Air Duct Cleaning Service Company

When you have your air ducts professionally cleaned, there are a few steps that should be followed.

  • All ports should be opened so that everything can be properly inspected and cleaned.
  • Your system should be checked for components that contain asbestos.
  • The provider should use vacuum equipment that utilizes HEPA technology inside of your home.
  • Your carpet and furniture should be protected during the cleaning process.
  • Cleaning equipment should contain soft-bristled brushes that do not cause damage to metal or fiberglass ductwork.
  • Ducts should be sealed and insulated to close any holes that are present.
  • The company should follow NADCA cleaning standards.

Working with Mitchell’s Magic One Hour Heating and Cooling

Your home’s heating and cooling system acts like its lungs. When its ducts are clean, it is possible to enjoy healthy air circulation. Autumn is a great time to maintain your unit so that dangerous pollutants are not allowed to contaminate your home environment.

At Mitchell’s Magic, we offer professional and effective services for all types of HVAC units. As fall begins, it is essential to make sure that your system is ready for the cold winter months. This includes ductwork cleaning. Our experts are trained and licensed, which means that your home is in capable hands. Our technicians recognize the reasons for performing cleaning and maintenance procedures. Our team is available at all times of day and night for emergencies as well. To schedule an appointment, call us at 440-220-6609.