Cleveland Air Conditioning Repair

We believe in keeping Cleveland Cool

Air conditioning breakdowns happen, and you’ll need Cleveland air conditioning repair. Experience has taught us that chances are breakdowns happen on the hottest day and probably the least convenient moment in your schedule. Good thing Mitchell’s Magic One Hour is always ready to keep you cool—every hour of every day with our exclusive Fritz Free Guarantee.

Cleveland AC Repair

Don’t sweat a breakdown. That’s the perfect time to experience the magic in Mitchell’s Magic One Hour. We’ll scramble a tech to you in a jiffy. We arrive when promised and get right to work investigating what’s caused the breakdown. Then, we’ll give you options so you can pick the solution that’s best for you at a guaranteed upfront price. Before you know it, we’ll get you cool again and clean up like we were never there.Cleveland AC Repair

Before fixing your air conditioning unit, consider contacting a professional Cleveland AC repair company that can look over the complete unit to determine precisely what’s wrong. Here are a few common reasons you might want to make the call. 

Not Cooling

 One of the most common reasons to contact a Cleveland AC repair company is because the unit isn’t cooling your home. It might cool one or two rooms or none at all. This could be due to a compressor that needs to be repaired or issues with the vents. A Cleveland AC repair company can also check the breakers and fuses as these could be responsible. 

Shutting Off

 If you notice that your unit shuts off when it shouldn’t, you might want to contact a Cleveland AC repair company, as this could be due to dirty filters. The airflow is restricted, which means that the unit turns on and off more often than it should or turns off before the home is properly cooled. 


 When the air is on, you shouldn’t smell any odd odors from the unit. If you do, it could be time to contact a Cleveland AC repair company, as this could result from blockages or even small animals that have somehow become trapped in the lines. A Cleveland AC repair company can safely remove debris and can usually clean the vents to ensure that there’s a clean smell.

The Best Way To Never Need Cleveland AC Repair

The only thing better than a Mitchell’s Magic AC Repair? Never needing one. That’s why we recommend our one-of-a-kind Mitchell’s Miracle Maintenance—an annual service that keeps your system running at peak efficiency like the day it was installed. Better yet, as a member of our Comfort Club, your twice-annual service is included. How cool is that?