Cleveland Furnace Installation & Replacement

Here’s a fun Cleveland furnace installation fact to remember: The most important day in your heating system’s life is its installation day. Since we believe success comes from serving others, 80% of the work Mitchell’s Magic puts into every furnace installation happens long before our installation team arrives at your home.

Furnace Replacement & Installation

Serving you starts with choices. After carefully reviewing your home’s specific heating needs, we’ll give you a range of options from warm enough, toasty warm, to tropic comfort at the touch of your thermostat. Every choice comes with our Mitchell’s Magic Exactimate—way better than any mere estimate because the price we quote is the price you pay. No surprises. No excuses.

When is it time for a furnace replacement?

Knowing when you need furnace replacement is critical. We would never want you feeling pressured into a big decision like this. Here are a few signs your furnace needs replacing:

  • The furnace is older than 10 years
  • Strange noises coming from your furnace or through vents
  • Frequent need of repairs
  • Higher energy use and trouble maintaining indoor temperature

What to expect during your furnace installation

A new Cleveland furnace installation goes beyond the furnace. That’s because success to us means serving you. That’s why we design and install a furnace that fits your precise home and your needs. That means examining everything that touches your heating system:

  • Air leaks in your ventilation
  • Home insulation
  • Energy efficiency

Anyone can slap in a furnace. Mr. Mitchell taught us that excellence means working to a higher standard. If we don’t address air leaks and unsealed ducts, then your furnace will not operate at optimum efficiency—and that won’t lower your energy bills. You deserve better, and we won’t settle for less.