Cleveland AC Service & Repair

Cleveland Air Conditioning Service

Cleveland AC Service & Repair: Fixed It Right Or It’s Free

Fixed right, or it’s free? That’s our Fritz Free Cleveland air conditioning service repair guarantee. When we repair your air conditioning system, it’s fixed right or the repair is free. It’s only possible because our trained and trusted techs arrive when promised, ready to get it right the first time.

Mitchell’s Magic Cleveland AC Maintenance

Mr. Mitchell taught us to do AC Maintenance the right way. That includes deep cleaning and maintenance other guys skip. We believe success means serving others which means our air conditioning maintenance cleans your condenser coils from the inside — the way it’s supposed to be done. We also oil, recalibrate, and safety check every moving part and electrical component on your system, getting every component back to factory-fresh specifications. So your system runs more efficiently, saves you money, and lasts longer.

Cleveland AC Service & Repairs

Our Fritz Free Guarantee means precisely that: it’s fixed right, or it’s free. What’s even better, Mitchell’s Magic can get your air conditioning system running at peak efficiency no matter who put it in or how long ago. It’s important to hire a professional AC Service specialist at Mitchell’s Magic. They’ll get the job done right the first time.

Cleveland Air Conditioning Replacement

Get it done is our techs’ default mode. You call us to fix your AC problem, and that’s our #1 aim. But sometimes, it just makes more sense to replace an older AC system. So we lay out all your replacement options and give you an Exactimate because we never guess at pricing for any repair, service, or installation. The price we quote is the price you pay. Period. That means you’re in control.

Cleveland Air Conditioning Installation

Believe it or not, your Air Conditioning system’s installation excellence matters more than who made it or even its efficiency rating. Because nothing works right if it’s not installed right, that includes your ductwork. That’s why Mitchell’s Magic One Hour installation teams precisely size and install all systems, including inspecting and redoing the ductwork to ensure you get the performance for which you’re paying.