IAQ: Indoor Air Quality

We believe your home’s air should be fresh and clean. That’s because, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, we spend about 90% of our lives indoors. The sad truth is indoor air pollutant levels are often two to five times greater than outdoor levels. Because our homes are tightly sealed, we take Cleveland indoor air quality seriously. Nobody wants stuffy, stale air recirculating in their homes. That’s why Mitchell’s Magic has a variety of solutions to fit your home’s specific needs.

IAQ Defined

Indoor Air Quality

The air quality within and around your home is what we mean when referring to IAQ. Our goal is to make your indoor air as clean and comfortable as possible because when your home’s air is clean, your family can breathe easier.

Cleveland Indoor Air Quality Warning Signs

While you can’t see the air in your home, these are signs you should look for:

  • Odors and damaged surfaces
  • Musty odors
  • Condensation on windows
  • Discoloration of walls or ceilings
  • Loose drywall tape
  • Wood warping
  • Peeling or chipping of paint

Of course, how you feel is also a good indicator of indoor air quality problems. If you breathe easier when away from home, you may have an IAQ issue.

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Mitchell’s Magic Helps You Breathe Easier

Your home should always be safe and comfortable. However, even with a Mitchell’s Magic Fritz Free heating and cooling system, poor indoor air quality could affect your health make your home uncomfortable. That’s why we create custom IAQ solutions. We believe your and your family should breathe fresh air year-round. We do that by replacing air filtration systems and air purifiers and by performing needed air duct cleaning.

IAQ Solutions From Mitchell’s Magic

  • Air Filtration: We start by getting rid of the stuff you can see. Our whole-house devices integrate into your ductwork to catch a range of harmful particles and contaminants.
  • Air Purification: Next, we get rid of the things you can’t see like cold and flu viruses in the air. Our air purification systems use an electrostatic process instead of a filtering medium, such as fiberglass.
  • Humidification Systems: One distinctive trait you can feel about indoor air quality is humidity. Along with controlling temperature, managing humidity gives your home a more comfortable feel. You’re warm, but not dried out in winter; you’re cool, but not clammy in summer.
  • Germicidal UV Air Purifiers: Using ultraviolet light, UV Air Purifiers destroy biological contaminants such as mildew, mold spores, and bacteria as they pass throughout your ductwork.

Mitchell’s Magic makes your home’s air healthier with our indoor air quality (IAQ) products and the experts it takes to install and service them correctly. Best of all, like everything we do, they’re backed up with our exclusive Fritz Free Guarantee.

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